Could I Be

Could I Be is available from Floating Records

Volume & Speed

Could I Be: Tracy – vocals, guitar; Jimmy Dillon – lead guitars, 12-string guitar
I Am Love: Tracy – vocals, guitar; Don Zimmer – drum loops; Mike Myers – sax
Found My Way: Tracy – vocals, guitar; Don Zimmer – banjo, guitar, drum loops; Ted O’Connell – guitars, bass
Confess: Tracy – vocals; Don Zimmer – guitar, Buddy Saleman – hand claps & cha chas
I’m In Heaven: Tracy – vocals, bass, keyboards; Don Zimmer – guitar; Cindy Blackman – drums
Everybody’s Talkin’: Tracy – vocals; Don Zimmer – guitars, bass, keyboards, drum loops; Mike Myers – sax
I Wish You Well: Tracy – vocals, guitar, keyboards; Don Zimmer – guitars
Cold: Tracy – vocals; Don Zimmer – guitars, drum loops, atmosphere;Ted O’Connell – lead guitars, bass
Volume & Speed: Tracy – vocals; Don Zimmer – guitars, bass, drum loops
All songs written by Tracy Blackman except for: Confess written by Don Zimmer & Tracy Blackman; Volume & Speed written by Don Zimmer; and Everybody’s Talkin’ written by Fred Neil

Special thanks to Don Zimmer, Buddy Saleman, Cindy Blackman, Ted O’Connell, Mike Myers, and Jimmy Dillon for their amazing talents and musicianship. Also many thanks to Bill, Ella and my incredible family; Hollis, Eric & Eliza, Chara, Lulu, Silvana DiFranco, Carolyn McCoy, Amy Wigton, Danny Click and everyone at Floating Records.

Produced & Engineered by Don Zimmer. Mixed by Don Zimmer & Buddy Saleman. Recorded at The Dog House, Mill Valley CA. (Except I’m In Heaven – recorded by Tracy in the San Francisco Fog.) Mastered by Jeff Simon at Tapeworks, Hartford CT. Front & Back cover photos by Silvana DiFranco Photography; Boot shot by Carolyn McCoy.

Floating Records

Track List

1. Could I Be
2. I Am Love
3. Found My Way
4. Confess
5. I’m In Heaven
6. Everybody’s Talkin’
7. Cold
8. I Wish You Well
9. Volume & Speed