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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Great Week

What a great week of music. Studio sessions with Bonnie Hayes, Gary Brown, Danny Click and Edward Sitkin. Live performance with Marci Blackman and Shelley Doty. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many creative souls who continue to inspire me to keep making music. Gratitude…


Check it out: my fabulously talented cousin, Marci Blackman has a new novel out called TRADITION. She’s doing a West Coast book tour and will be making a stop at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax on Tuesday June 11 at 8p. I will be performing as well along with the amazing Shelley Doty. And it’s FREE! Hope to […]

Great Night at The Sleeping Lady

GREAT night tonight at the Sleeping Lady. Thanks to EVERYONE who came and put up with all our frivolity. Huge thanks to Brindl for her incredible set and her incredible awesomeness! And so much gratitude in my heart for my musical brothers Don Bassey, Danny Click & Ben Isaacs who gave me their all and made me smile and laugh. A very […]